About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the best in quality and service not to be the biggest. We not only take orders but manage projects from start to finish, and try to bring product knowledge along with an offering that sells into a complete package. 

If you are an Engineering firm, Distributor, Contractor, Industrial, Utility, or OEM we can bring to you the best solutions for all of your cabling system needs. We consider our manufacturers, distributors, and end users as colleagues.  We strive to offer the best package of products in order to provide the highest of quality and most economical package for any project.

Helping Our Clients Making Informed Decisions

In 1975, Walt Bensdorf co-founded Bensdorf & Abramson as a manufacturer’s representative of wire and cable products. Since the nineties, the company has emerged as a leading representative and marketer of all types of outdoor infrastructure products.

Our long experience and vision enable us to understand projects and processes from start to finish. And our product knowledge guides our customers to the right product for every purpose.

Why Our Clients Choose Us

Led today by Bob Bensdorf, our company produces
extraordinary benefits for B&A clients:

  • Value engineering that reduces project costs
  • Creativity and innovation, including custom-designed solutions
  • Fair pricing
  • Right-time delivery
  • Code compliance
  • Product reliability
  • Unsurpassed personal service

Meet The Experts

Bob Bensdorf

Bob Bensdorf is an expert in application engineering for all types of wire and cable, fiber optic, duct, ramp gates, perimeter gate security, and many other types of products used in infrastructure construction and improvements. Active in this specialized industry since 1975, Bob has built solid relationships with the manufacturers of premier products and with the municipalities and engineering firms who specify products.

Email Me at Bob@benabr.com | Call Me at 847.205.2324

Lee Abramson

Lee Abramson has twenty-five years of experience in the wire industry. He has a proven track record in sales, business development, and vendor relations. His experience includes: identifying prospects, developing sales, and contract negotiations. In addition, his background includes an extensive knowledge of wire and cable, fiber optics, infrastructure products, sales training and executive level management. His broad range of expertise and his strong customer relation ethics, have made him uniquely adept at handling his customers’ needs, even those that prove to be the most challenging and problematic. He prides himself on maintaining his long developed relationships, and the highest quality of customer service. His innovative ideas coupled with his business savvy, ensure the delivery of quality products and projects in a start to finish, and beyond fashion. As a result, Lee Abramson has become a well-respected and sought after partner in the wire and cable industry.

Email Me at Lee@benabr.com | Call Me at 847.205.2328

David Bensdorf
Sales Representative

David joined the team in 2013 right of out the University of Missouri. Over the last few years, he has gained his expertise of both the DOT Market as well as the Commercial and Industrial Market. It is his intention to continue the family legacy of offering the best service and product knowledge of any representative in the electrical industry

Email Me at David@benabr.com | Call Me at 847.205.2322

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