Past Projects

  • Repair of infrastructure currently ongoing
  • Repair of infrastructure
  • infrastructure repair
  • Ongoing infrastructure repair
  • Repairing infrastructure surrounded with water
  • Reels of industrial materials
  • image of infrastructure repair process at night
  • infrastructure repair on jobsite with water
  • night time infrastructure repair with several workers
  • night time infrastructure repair, several workers with hardhats
  • night time infrastructure repair with workers wearing hardhats
  • workers fixing infrastructure at night

Adams Street Bridge

Besides supplying B&B Warning Gates for this project,  Draka division of the Prysmian Group in partnership with Bensdorf and Abramson supplied the submarine cables needed to cross the Chicago River.  The special Steel Armor functions to protect the cable from any vessel that might accidentally collide with cable as …

  • nighttime skyscrapers
  • nighttime construction
  • blurry image
  • road
  • road infrastructure
  • image taken at night
  • blurry image taken of outdoor space
  • image side view
  • Image front view
  • Night time image
  • Repairing outdoor infrastructure
  • Onsite repair of infrastructure
  • Ongoing onsite repair of infrastructure
  • Infrastructure repair equipment
  • machinery
  • infrastructure in city
  • infrastructure in local city
  • professional infrastructure repair
  • infrastructure repair at night
  • closing off area for infrastructure repair
  • closed off area for infrastructure repair
  • area closed for infrastructure repair
  • area not passable for infrastructure repair
  • location of infrastructure repair
  • area currently closed for infrastructure repair
  • road barrier
  • road barriers used to close off area
  • infrastructure repair staff

Congress Parkway Bridge

Bensdorf Abramson worked in conjunction with B&B Roadway to design a gate and barrier system using a state of the art braking system capable of bringing to a soft stop any vehicle that might try to crash through the barrier. It will prevent serious injury to the driver, and …